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Who's Being Served? Placing Students at the Center of Their Learning Experiences
by Rowman & Littlefield Publishers. (www.rowman.com)

Each chapter of this book develops the idea that classrooms have much in common with restaurants in how successful preparation and delivery focus on the customer. The culinary and service industry references make sense when you consider how much planning, observation and personalized work teachers invest on behalf of their students. From anticipating opening day to reflecting on the end of a term, the parallels between the two environments remain strong.

This book offers welcome advice and presents many thoughts to ponder. The questions you encounter throughout the book – whether at the end of each chapter or within – are ones all educators need to address individually and in their community. In fact, the length and meaning of the book doubles when you answer the questions to yourself, among your professional learning community members or with a book club.

Whatever suggestions I provide come not only from experience but also from a hope you will achieve the similar success with your learners in your environment. May your discussions about this book inspire improvements that lead to lasting change.


Education Talk Radio - August 31, 2018

Host Larry Jacobs and I discuss how to serve students in our role as educators, how school is like the restaurant business, and how libraries are also changing to be student-centered.


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